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Debt Collection Agencies in Poland

Debt Collection Agencies in Poland

The debt collection procedure in Poland can be completed by law firms or debt collection agencies. No matter the option, the persons or companies seeking to recover the money they are owed will need to respect a few requirements imposed by the Civil Code in Poland.

Debt collection agencies in Poland must also act in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Law and must respect the rights of the debtors. Below, our lawyers explain how debt collection agencies in Poland can help creditors recover the amounts of money they are entitled to.

If you need help in recovering a debt, our debt collection lawyers in Poland can help you.

Debt collection procedures in Poland

There are two ways of recovering the debt in Poland: the amicable procedure and the court procedure. Both types of proceedings can be completed by debt collection agencies in Poland, in accordance with the legislation imposed at a national and EU level.

debt collection agency can be hired by Polish citizens, companies, banks and financial institutions, service providers and even public authorities.

If you need help in debt collection in Poland, our lawyers are at your disposal with legal assistance and advice.

The amicable debt collection procedure in Poland

The first stage in debt collection in Poland is the amicable procedure. The scope of recovering a debt in an amicable manner is related to:

  1.           bringing to the attention of the debtor the fact that he or she has failed to respect specific payment dates;
  2.           making the debtor acknowledge the fact that he or she has failed to pay their debts in due time;
  3.           reaching an agreement with the debtor in order for the payment of the debt to be completed;
  4.           establishing a convenient method for both the debtor and the creditor on the payment of the debt;
  5.           not taking further actions, meaning the procedure is settled outside a Polish court of law.

It is best to resolve a debt collection procedure outside the court and this is also the main scope of the creditors. Our debt collection lawyers in Poland can help creditors in amicable debt recovery procedures.

Court debt collection in Poland

If the amicable procedure of recovering a debt fails to render any result, the creditor has the right to ask for the debt to be recovered through a court order in Poland. In this case, the debt collection agency will need to file a request with the court. 

It is important to notice that in case a monetary claim is the subject of the debt recovery procedure, a debt collection lawyer in Poland will file a writ of payment which is one of the fastest ways of recovering a debt.

We invite you to reach out to our debt collection lawyers for fast debt recovery proceedings in Poland.

What can debt collection agencies in Poland do to recover a debt?

The actions which can be taken by a Polish debt collection agency are quite a few and imply:

  •           contacting the Polish debtor by telephone at first, then by email and postal services;
  •           sending reminder letters to the debtor (a limited number of letters is usually sent);
  •           drafting and submitting the documentation for court debt collection procedures;
  •           representing the creditor when an enforcement order for debt recovery is issued;
  •           ensuring the collection of the debt is in accordance with the law or enforcement order.

Apart from these, the debt collection agency can also undertake various activities related to the verification of the debtor. Debt collection agencies in Poland can also perform background checks on the financial situation of a creditor on behalf of the client.

You can also rely on our debt collection lawyers in Poland for verification solutions in debt recovery procedures.

The role of debt collection agencies in Poland

Debt collection in Poland is quite simple compared to other European jurisdictions, considering the fast track procedure when it comes to court debt recovery.

Debt collection agencies play an important role in debt recovery procedures in Poland, among which ensuring a fast, sure and legal dent recovery procedure – most of the times in an amicable way. Such agencies also have the role of overseeing the enforcement of debt collection orders.

Debt collection agencies in Poland are quite effective as they work with specialized lawyers who can reach reasonable outcomes for both debtors and creditors, especially when it comes to commercial contracts. It is also possible for a debt collection agency to be enforced to collect specific debts through the European Small Claims procedure which is available for Polish companies doing business within the European Union.

If you need help in debt collection in Poland, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.