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Amicable Debt Collection in Poland

Amicable Debt Collection in Poland

Amicable debt collection in Poland involves a debt recovery process characterized by a cooperative and friendly approach between the creditor and the debtor. This phase is considered pre-litigation, emphasizing resolution before legal proceedings are initiated. Polish amicable debt collection focuses on open communication and negotiation to reach a mutually agreeable solution for repayment. Ultimately, amicable debt recovery in Poland seeks to achieve a fair resolution through understanding and cooperation.

If you are seeking legal assistance for debt collection in Poland, our lawyers can offer you legal services. They can offer you comprehensive information along with practical assistance regarding the recovery of debt in Poland.

How can our lawyers help you?

Amicable debt recovery in Poland is generally carried out by our lawyers through a process that emphasizes negotiation and communication to reach a voluntary agreement between the creditor and the debtor. Here’s an overview of how our lawyers typically approach amicable debt recovery in Poland:

Initial communication:

   – Our lawyers often start by sending a formal letter to the debtor, clearly stating the amount owed, the reasons for the debt, and any applicable interest or fees;

   – The letter may also outline the consequences of non-payment, such as legal action or the involvement of debt collection agencies. Seek advice from our experienced lawyers for debt collection in Poland.

 Quick Facts  
Legal framework for debt collection in Poland  Act on Debt Collection 

Types of debts that can be chased in Poland 

– outstanding invoices;

– unsettled bank loans;

– mortgages;

– contractual agreements with unmet terms, and more. 

Availability of out-of-court procedures (YES/NO)  

Yes, amicable debt collection in Poland is in fact an out-of-court procedure. 

Duration of amicable debt recovery process in Poland (approx.)  It can take from a few days to weeks. 
Our debt collection services in Poland 

Our legal team specializes in facilitating amicable debt collection, providing expert assistance to swiftly resolve financial matters. 

Parties involved in debt recovery 

Entities engaged in amicable debt recovery include creditors, debtors, and debt collection agencies, working collaboratively to resolve outstanding debts without resorting to legal proceedings. 

Steps in amicable debt collection 

– Communication;

– Negotiation;

– Documentation;

– Follow-up;

– Mediation;

– Escalation. 

Options available for the creditor 

– Debt restructuring;

– Partial settlement;

– Extended payment plans;

– Debt settlement;

– Collateral liquidation 

Conclusion of amicable debt collection 

The resolution of amicable debt recovery in Poland concludes with achieving a mutually agreed-upon arrangement with the debtor. 

Requirement for the creditor to appoint a representative   It is not obligatory for the creditor to designate a representative; we strongly advise seeking assistance from our debt collection agents in Poland for optimal support and guidance.
Small to medium enterprises 

In the SME sector, fostering strong connections is vital for sustainable growth. Amicable recovery provides an optimal method to handle debt without jeopardizing relationships. 

Why choose amicable debt recovery? 

– Cost-effective;

– Time efficient;

– Possible to preserve relationship. 

Legal approach  


Client base

Local and international 

When amicable approach should not be adopted? 

Amicable debt recovery is not appropriate in case of:

– Fraud;

– Repeated offender;

– Substantial debts.  

Negotiation and settlement:

   – Our Polish lawyers will engage in negotiations with the debtor to understand their financial situation and explore possible repayment plans or settlements;

   – Discussions may involve finding a compromise, adjusting payment schedules, etc.

Documentation and agreement:

   – Once an agreement is reached, our lawyers will ensure that the terms are mentioned in a legally binding agreement.

   – The agreement typically includes details such as the repayment plan, deadlines, and any conditions agreed upon by both parties. Our legal team is available to assist you with debt collection in Poland.


   – Our Polish lawyers will monitor the debtor’s compliance with the agreed-upon terms and follow up as needed.

   – If any issues arise, further negotiations or modifications to the agreement may be pursued to accommodate changes in the debtor’s financial situation.

It’s important to note that Polish law emphasizes amicable resolution, and legal action is typically considered a last resort. The Polish legal system encourages parties to resolve disputes through mediation or negotiation before resorting to formal legal proceedings. This aligns with the broader European approach to alternative dispute resolution and amicable debt recovery.

Debt claims handled by Polish companies

Please find information regarding the collection of debt claims in 2022:

  • In 2022, debt collection companies in Poland handled 9.4 million debt claims (excluding external investment funds) worth 39.2 billion zloty;
  • Out of these, 73.6 percent were consumer claims and 26.4 percent were corporate claims;
  • The total value of debts managed by these entities by the end of 2022 was 147.1 billion zloty.

You are welcome to contact our lawyers for amicable debt recovery in Poland. You can also acquire our help for court proceedings in case the amicable procedure is not successful.